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Located at the Max Strauss Camp, the spectacular facilities are on 113 acres of beautiful nature in the majestic Verdugo Mountains of Glendale, California.  The bunk houses are immaculate and well taken-care of with air-conditioning and heating.  The dining room and other main halls are spacious and wonderfully furnished.  There are several out-door amphitheaters at the camp as well as 3 fire-pits for outdoor gatherings.   The camp is located a short distance from all major airports and a mere 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, this locations provides for a perfect setting for our precious, young Shluchim.


Our new and expanded facilities enable us to include in our schedule a variety of activities such as baseball, hiking, archery, ropes-course, volleyball, arts & crafts, hands on learning and other exciting activities.  We make sure to engage your children in many on-site programs so that they can interact with other campers and enjoy their time in a positive, fun-filled atmosphere.


Our program includes off-site exciting trips such as Six-Flags Magic Mountain, and bowling.  We are going to make sure that your children will absolutely love every single moment of this fantastic experience. 


Rabbi Zalmy & Shterna Kudan and Rabbi Mendel & Rochel Loschak are a caring and loving team who will make sure that our dear children are taken care of 100%.  They have many years of combined experience in Gan Israel camping and will ensure that our dear Tzeirei HaShluchim have a wonderful, chassidishe, exciting and safe time.

Rabbi Simcha Backman, Rabbi Shloime Bistrisky and Rabbi Nachman Abend are the administrative team who all have extensive experience in organizing and implementing large programs and events.


Our caring, chassidish staff are handpicked for this special job.  They are given unique training and are especially aware of the unique challenges Shluchim's children face.  We hand pick every counselor to ensure that your children will have a meaningful, exciting and safe experience at the winter camp.