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Our kids have been to several Shluchim programs and camps over the years. Some are good, some are better, but we've never come away so wowed! The staff from the top down were in tune to the individual needs of each child…
-- Rabbi Sender Engel - Long Beach, California

My wife just picked up our boys from the Shluchim camp with reports that she's never seen them look happier coming from a camp!
-- Rabbi Mendel Slavin - S. Clemente, California

I can't begin to express my thanks for a wonderful experience you gave my daughters in camp! The personal attention, the care, excitement, chayos, energy, chassidishkeit really uplifted them to great heights! Their only complaint was that it was too short!!!
-- Rabbi Berel Levertov – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Menachem just arrived home. So excited and with such happiness about the camp. He really appreciated everything of camp the food the trips and even the Didan Notzach... Huge Yasher Koach for a great and fun program for these kids....
-- Rabbi Shalom Dovber Farkash – Issaquah, Washington

Our girls have just returned from the most wonderful week at camp. They cannot stop talking about how amazing it was. They said "It was so amazing, we only have good things to say"! From the Directors, to head staff, to counselors, the food, accommodations and overall atmosphere…Thank you so much for giving our children such an incredible camp experience in a Chassidishe, warm and caring environment.
-- Rabbi Yossi Levertov – Scottsdale, Arizona

My children had an absolutely amazing time at the West Coast Tzeirei HaShluchim Camp! They loved every moment of it, the staff, head-staff, directors, food, fellow young Shluchos from across the Western United States, the trips, the songs, the chayus, the atmosphere it was all just 110% over the top! Thank you so much for this fulfilling, special, extraordinary experience for our children. They need it so much and we thank you for providing it.
-- Rabbi Mendy Harlig – Henderson, Nevada

…being able to spend an entire week with peers, in a chassidishe environment, is precious beyond words…
-- Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum - Folsom, California

So nice to see my girls excited all day relating every single experience they had in camp. Went to sleep singing camp songs..how cute. What dedicated staff members who really imbued such warmth, chayos, and hiskashrus to our Rebbe, in such a short period of time…
-- Rabbi Yisroel Levine - Oak Park, California

Our son has been singing camp songs in a hoarse voice since we left camp. Thank you for giving our kids a wonderful chassidishe time.
-- Rabbi Shmary Brownstein - Davis, California

…the DETAILS have not gone unnoticed either. From the shirts to the puzzle to the lunch for parents at drop off etc etc. As shluchim who run chabad houses we know very well how much time and effort goes into every little detail.
-- Rabbi Dov Muchnik – Oxnard, California

…from the moment we picked up our son…he hasn't stopped speaking about it since!
-- Rabbi Leibel Korf - Los Feliz, California

Top of the line in every respect
-- Rabbi Shloime Chein - S. Cruz, California

The quality of the camp staff was just one of many indicators of the kind of intentional decisions that the organizers made to ensure the best environment for all the campers.
-- Zalman Marcus – Mission Viejo, California

Words cannot express how grateful we are for what you are providing our children! It doesn't go unnoticed that while the rest of the shluchim may be taking time off, you have been working tirelessly to make it possible and affordable for us on the west coast to send our kids to camp! Please know that we are truly grateful and appreciative for this opportunity! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
-- Rabbi Gil Leeds – Berkeley, CaliforniaType your paragraph here.